Who We Are

A story about us, our designers, and our future.

Young Designers United was founded over 16 years ago. Since then, it has been supporting new fashion designers by giving them a space to showcase their products in the centre of Amsterdam.

YDU offers the perfect way for new designers to introduce themselves to their audience, which can be one of the most challenging parts of launching in this industry.  

In 2019, we want to start a new chapter for YDU, or even better, a new book.  

Instead of being only a store for designers, we want to be a platform for emerging entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Showcasing and selling their goods, but also telling their story. We want to look a little deeper into what they do, what it took to get there and what the challenges have been on route.  

The (Online) Store

The online store is something new, and a beloved project of ours.

Located in the centre of Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 447), YDU is a small store with a unique selection of clothes made entirely by new and mostly local designers.

The store has a focus on quality and aims to leave trends and seasons behind. YDU appreciates a flow of new and timeless pieces all year round. This is something we believe is essential for the future of the industry, leaving the desire to over-consume long behind us. 

We’re immersed in the creative. From styling to photography and video, everything you see is a collective piece of work from the YDU team as we slowly grow our available collections at the beginning of our platform’s foundation.

This is where we want to start to finally connect with people even further afield than Amsterdam. Interest comes from many places and we want to communicate with all people interested and involved in the creative and fashion industries. 

The Designers

Our designers have many things in common. One of which is that they are still in the founding and launching phases of their brand, working with limited resources, a small network, and driven by their creativity.

Each of our designers still has much to work out when it comes to their brand and the direction of their label.

They will soon themselves at the moments where discipline and perseverance are all it takes to lead them to their creative goals.

Our designers are not necessarily young, or with any specific background within the industry for that matter. But they all have a common mission and vision. They have a goal they want to achieve, and they want to achieve this with a certain mindset.  

The (Future) Platform 

The clothing that we sell is the product of designers that truly interest us. The story of the designers, the way it is produced, their future aspirations. These things fuel our engine to have YDU and this is exactly what motivates us to go further than simply selling the product.  

We want to share the experiences of the designers and discuss topics of entrepreneurship in the creative industry. Knowing that this industry has a lot of similarities with other niches, but is in so many ways very different.

The conflict between your creative passion and the commercial need to make money. These stories are endlessly interesting and we have already experienced so many that we are trying to decide how to share them.

Here at Young Designers United, we want to offer an opportunity to designers, share experience and expertise and collectively unite through our curated creative platform.

The concept of YDU has a focus on independent design. Always searching for new and emerging designers that want to establish and develop themselves.

At YDU you can shop for unique pieces with a story.

Contact Us

Keizersgracht 447, 1017 DK Amsterdam

(+31) 020 626 9191